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Family receives $700,000 for daughter’s death in bicycle-truck accident


bicycle accident Portland, Oregon is known for being one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the country. With an ever-growing consciousness about the environmental impact of cars and a general awareness about overall health, many Portlanders do not even own cars and instead choose bicycles as their primary means of transportation. The great number of bikes on Portland area roads can help to make motorists more aware of their presence, but that does not negate the risk of being involved in a bicycle accident.

Such was the situation for a 28-year old bicyclist who was hit and killed by a 60-foot delivery truck in the spring of 2012. The woman was riding downtown on Southwest Madison Street approaching Third Avenue. As she neared the corner, the large truck made a right-hand turn in front of her. The woman hit the truck’s bumper, crashed and was run over. She was wearing a helmet and here bike was equipped with night lighting. She later died from her injuries.

Despite the lack of charges levied against the driver, the woman’s parents sought compensation. Just a few weeks ago, they were awarded $700,000 from the trucker’s employer. The offer of the award came just before attorneys for both parties would have given their closing arguments in a trial over the case.

The victory for the woman’s parents highlights the importance of seeking appropriate legal counsel in the wake of serious accidents. The right legal guidance can sometimes help people receive the compensation they deserve. The Paul Krueger law firm has successfully obtained such compensation for other bicycle accident victims even when an insurance company had denied coverage.

Source:, “Parents of deceased cyclist Kathryn Rickson settle with truck driver’s employer for $700,000,” February 26, 2014

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