Paul Krueger Law Firm, A Professional Corporation





Linda Charriere:
Thank you for pursuing the recovery of my unpaid medical bills. You have caused me to regain some faith in the judicial system, it also comes easy for me to say that you have a caring heart for your clients.

I will continue to send potential clients your way in hopes you may be able to help other victims from abusive insurance companies or the many other types of cases you bring to justice.


Ruth Thompson:
Words cannot begin to express my profound gratitude for your excellent care of my case, as well as of me personally, throughout the process of seeing my case to resolution.

When I first met with you and you agreed to take my case, it was clear that you would be my fiercest advocate. This was undeniably true, but you also became much more. Your guidance and reassurance were always just a phone call away, and your willingness to make yourself available to answer my numerous questions was unfailing. The consistent help provided by your legal assistants was also nothing short of excellent.

In the end, you fought on for me, even when I was willing to settle for less than my rightful due. You, in true form, persisted on for all available, justly due compensation. This tenacity, your never-wavering, continuous advancement of my cause, is what makes you a one-in-a-million lawyer. I feel so fortunate to have taken a friend’s good advice and called you after my automobile collision.

As you know, I have already referred several of my friends and family to you. I will continue to do so, as I know I could search the world over and find no better legal hands to be placed in.


Roberta Haas:
Anyone who has gone through the arduous process of long medical treatments and dealing with insurance companies understands how difficult and frustrating it is. It’s important to have an advocate that you can trust and that has your best interest at heart. Paul’s passion and belief in the work he does for his clients comes through in his loyalty, his integrity and his ability to really listen.

Having Paul as my attorney has given me great piece of mind and has allowed me to focus on getting well. I can and often do recommend Paul Krueger and his law firm.

Past and present client.


Mike Thomas:
My father was killed when a trailer filled with scrap wood from a recent logging operation rounded a corner, tipped, and crashed on to his car like a bomb. My mother was severely injured. My sisters and I were devastated. We knew we needed help, but didn’t know where to turn. Within a few days, a friend of many years contacted me and gave me the best advice I ever received in my life. He simply said, “Call Paul”. I had never met Paul Krueger, but I trusted my friend. After the first minute of that first phone call to Paul, I knew I had the right man, not just the right attorney. During the next four years, Paul kept my family hopeful, motivated, and determined to get through whatever legal proceedings were required to obtain the justice Paul assured us we deserved. Paul never backed down. He fought insurance company attorneys without let up. When we finally got to trial, Paul’s questioning of the members of the jury pool and his opening statement were so powerful, he caused the opposing attorneys to call a recess and make a multi-million dollar offer of settlement in the judge’s chambers. My mother was so relieved. Paul saved her the anguish of a long, difficult trial. I was so grateful to him. Paul is a true champion in the courtroom. He fights so hard. In the years since the trial, I have been fortunate enough to see Paul on occasion. He was our family’s attorney, but remains our friend. If you find yourself suffering like my family did, not knowing where to turn, take the advice my friend gave me and “Call Paul.” Believe me, it will be the best phone call you ever make.

Paul is the champion you want in your corner. This man fights. Multi-million dollar settlement without putting my mother through a very difficult trial.