Paul Krueger Law Firm, A Professional Corporation

Paul H. Krueger

Paul Krueger cut his teeth as a trial lawyer representing insurance conglomerates. During the first dozen years of his practice, Paul was recognized for his trial advocacy by rising to the status of “named partner” for what, at the time, was one of the Northwest’s most distinguished insurance defense firms. Before withdrawing from his role as a trial lawyer who specialized in the advancement of insurance-related causes, Paul’s representative client list read like a WHO’S WHO in the insurance industry. State Farm, Metropolitan Property and Casualty, New York Life, Banker’s Life and Casualty Insurance, Mutual of Omaha, Federated Insurance, North Pacific Insurance Co., St. Paul Fire and Casualty Insurance, Oregon Professional Liability Fund, Oregon Mutual Insurance, Stonewall Insurance, and the Insurance Guarantee Association of Oregon, all looked to Paul Krueger for advice and representation.
In 1992, and after coming off what, to many experts, represented a career-defining victory, Paul chose to leave his many insurance clients and industry connections behind, and, instead, focus the remainder of his legal career on helping those who had been injured as the result of the actions of others. Paul describes his decision with the following words, “As long as I continued to represent insurance conglomerates, my career as a trial lawyer would always be defined by some deserving party going home without just compensation. * * * That’s no way to make a living.”
In a trial career that has now spanned far over three decades — a trial career that began while first representing insurance corporations, and later championing the cause of personal injury victims — Paul Krueger learned that advocacy is meaningless, unless it can be backed up by effective courtroom representation. Therefore, when Paul embarked on creating the Paul Krueger Law Firm, he sought to create an environment where the rights and remedies of his clients would continue to be protected through zealous courtroom advocacy. In addition, he sought to surround himself with like-minded individuals who understood and appreciated that, it is only through the successful honing of a trial lawyer’s advocacy skills in a courtroom, that justice will be served. In other words, if lawyers cannot back up their words through demonstrated courtroom abilities, insurance carriers will never perceive sufficient risk that, in turn, will cause the companies to view an injured party’s personal injury claims fairly and justly.
If asked, Paul will say that the law firm’s Mission Statement says it all:

“Our mission is to set the standard for professional excellence, and provide the highest quality service available. The staff and attorneys of Paul Krueger Law Firm are dedicated to serving our clientele with integrity and skill in an effort to achieve the highest level of success in the pursuit of any injured party’s rights of recovery.”


Wade M. Bowyer

Wade Bowyer graduated from the Willamette University College of Law in 2013 and obtained his Bachelors Degree from Washington State University. Wade grew up working for a small family business and continued that tradition by running his own business prior to his acceptance into law school. While completing his law school education, Wade also took it upon himself to earn a Certificate in Dispute Resolution from the Willamette University College of Law, Center for Dispute Resolution. Wade was also a Senior Writer for the Oregon Courts Section of Willamette Law Online, and an Editor for the publication, Recent Developments in Dispute Resolution. Wade joined the Paul Krueger Law Firm during his second year of law school and worked as a Court Certified Law Clerk until being admitted to practice law in the State of Oregon in October 2013. Wade has also taken and passed the Washington State Bar Exam and is licensed to practice law in Washington. Working as a law clerk, Wade gained valuable hands-on training working on every aspect of personal injury claims for the Paul Krueger Law Firm. The experience and knowledge Wade has gained working for the Paul Krueger Law Firm has provided him with the necessary tools and understanding to zealously represent the interests of his clients in the competitive field of personal injury law. Wade is admitted to practice law in Oregon, Washington, and Oregon Federal Court. Wade is also a member of the Multnomah Bar Association, American Bar Association, the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association, and the American Association for Justice.


Kymber R. Lattin

Kymber Lattin graduated cum laude from Willamette University College of Law in 2017. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Oregon. While attending law school, Kymber worked as a certified law clerk at the Paul Krueger Law Firm. In addition to learning the practical skills required to be a successful advocate for her clients, Kymber learned how important it is for victims of personal injuries to have counsel willing to stand behind them as they recover from their injuries. This passion caused Kymber to continue working at the Paul Krueger Law Firm after passing the Oregon Bar Exam in October of 2017. Kymber is one of the youngest individuals to pass the Oregon Bar Exam. Before graduating high school, Kymber had earned enough college credits to be awarded her Associates Degree. Kymber brings the same enthusiasm and work ethic that allowed her to reach her goal of becoming an attorney on a short timeline to the work she does for her clients. With this background and inspiration, Kymber represents a prime example of the attorney Paul Krueger describes as a “like-minded individual who understands and appreciates that it is only through the successful honing of a trial lawyer’s skills in a courtroom that justice will be served.” Kymber is admitted to practice law in both state and federal courts in the State of Oregon. Additionally, Kymber is admitted to practice in the State of Washington. Kymber is a member of the Multnomah County Bar Association, the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association, and the Oregon Women Lawyers.