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Bone growth product subject of multiple product liability lawsuits


Nurse and PatientThe rate of medical errors in the United States has grown to the point where it is now considered to be the third-leading cause of death behind only cancer and heart disease. However, negligence on the part of doctors, nurses or medical facilities is not the only danger facing Portland, Oregon patients these days. Injuries resulting from the use of defective medical products can leave many people with serious complications.

A recent media article reported on one such case involving a product designed to stimulate the growth of bone in spine fusion surgeries. Infuse by Medtronic has been used in approximately one million spinal surgeries, yet many people have experienced complications after their surgeries. Often, these problems are caused by excessive bone growth. To date, as many as 700 lawsuits have been filed against Medtronic asserting that the product is faulty. The suits represent complaints by about 1,000 people in all.

The article also referenced the fact that a large majority of uses of Infuse, also known as BMP-2, were unapproved. One medical researcher at Oregon Health Sciences University was quoted as saying he believes that sometimes companies proceed with a product even despite the chances of a lawsuit and simply plan that as part of their operating costs. There have also been investigations into some business practices on the part of Medtronic, specifically sales and marketing related activities.

Patients deserve the right to trust in the products used as part of their health care. When that trust is violated or compromised, the resulting personal injuries can be serious. If you believe that you or someone you love has been affected by such a situation, you may wish to consult with an attorney to fully understand your rights.

Source: Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, “Nearly 1,000 sue Medtronic over Infused bone growth product,” John Fauber, March 4, 2014

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