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Son files $715,000 wrongful death lawsuit for loss of mother


Construction SiteSon files $715,000 wrongful death lawsuit for loss of mother. Throughout Oregon, many people become victims of unnecessary and preventable personal injury incidents on a daily basis. The nature of these situations can vary greatly and include car accidents, bicycle accidents, train accidents and more. Other times, injuries are sustained from acts such as abuse, neglect or malpractice. Regardless of the cause, the outcome always has the potential for serious, long-term consequences, including wrongful death.
A recent news article published in the media provided details of a freshly filed lawsuit for the alleged wrongful death of a woman in 2011. The deceased woman’s son filed the suit in which two different construction companies as well as the Oregon Department of Transportation are all named as defendants. The suit is seeking damages of $715,000 for what it claims was a preventable death.
According to the story, the then 78-year old woman is believed to have fallen into an open construction pit near the Buena Vista Ferry in February 2011. During her fall, she broke her ankle and was stuck in the pit and eventually died of hypothermia as temperatures dropped below freezing that night. The lawsuit claims that the pit should have been secured in such a way as to prevent anyone from falling into it and further asserts that the defendants were negligent to not have ensured such protection.
The loss of a loved one due to an unforeseen accident is always tragic. While nothing can bring a person back, it can be helpful to discuss such a situation with a lawyer to identify potential opportunities for compensation.
Source:, “Suit filed in woman’s 2011 death,” Laura Fosmire, February 5, 2014

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