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Truck driver passes out, injures two pedestrians on freeway


Semi TruckWhen taking to local streets, highways and freeways, Portland metro area residents assume a level of risk every day. Whether as motorists themselves or as pedestrians or bicyclists, the risk of a serious car accident always exists. Some crashes can be influenced by weather or road conditions and others are caused primarily by the actions of a driver as in the case of a drunk driver. No matter the reason, the results can be severe and a person’s life can change in the blink of an eye.
A news story covered by local media reported on a local crash in which two pedestrians were struck by a semi-truck travelling in the right lane along I-5 in Wilsonville. According the article, the truck driver lost consciousness and careened into the ditch after first hitting the two people and a cable barrier. The truck was said to be transporting paper products at the time of the truck accident. A hazardous materials team was dispatched after the accident as up to 50 gallons of diesel fuel was thought to have been leaked.
Both persons who were hit were part of a three-team inmate crew performing a trash clean-up task for ODOT. One of the workers was treated at the scene and the other was taken to a local hospital in serious condition. The truck driver was also taken to the hospital but has since been released. The news story did not indicate what caused the trucker to pass out.
Stories such as these serve as a reminder to all that care on the roadways is critical. When accidents do happen, despite best efforts, it can be helpful to talk to an attorney about how to obtain the proper level of compensation and help needed.
Source:, “Police: Inmate workers injured when semi truck crashes along I-5,” February 11, 2014

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